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Intranet Help

by nguyen — last modified Jan 04, 2013 12:16 PM
Get help using the Intranet

Technical Support

For technical support, please fill out the Intranet help form or email and we will respond during regular business hours.

Documentation and Training for Generic (Non-Intranet) Plone

A general Plone user manual is available, and you can view a video recording of a general Plone user training class.

A PloneFormGen manual is available, and you can view a video recording of a PloneFormGen training class.

You can sign up for general Plone and PloneFormGen training classes, which are offered twice in each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Documentation for Intranet Plone

The Intranet uses a more recent version of PloneFormGen; the main difference is that you can drag and drop fields into place from a palette. Everything else covered in the PloneFormGen materials listed above is unchanged.

An Intranet Workflow Manager handout is available, and a more detailed manual is under development.

Training (Workshops) for the Intranet

We offer a number of workshops:

  • Overview of the Campus Intranet (this is actually a presentation)
  • Collaborate Using Group Spaces on the Campus Intranet
  • Build Online Forms on the Campus Intranet
  • Build a Workflow using Workflow Manager
  • Deploy a Workflow Application on the Campus Intranet


With the exception of the "Overview of the Campus Intranet", which is a presentation suitable for large groups, the workshops are all hands-on and are usually held in the IDEA Lab, in the basement of Polk Library, where seating is limited to approximately 10.

We ask that you have attended the "Build Online Forms" workshop or that you be comfortable using PloneFormGen before you attend the "Build a Workflow" and "Deploy a Workflow Application" workshops.

The workshops are suitable for anyone who has prior experience using Plone to create pages and folders.  No programming knowledge is required or expected!

Comments or Suggestions

If you have suggestions on other workshops we could provide, please let us know by emailing

To arrange or request a training class for you and your colleagues, please fill out the Intranet training request form or email