Hooding Ceremony

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Hooding Ceremony

Hooding Ceremony

hooding cermony.jpgAt the end of each semester, the department recognizes our graduating students in a special event held for them. The ceremony is commonly held on the final Friday of the semester in the evening at Reeve Union. Information regarding specific details will be provided in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. Each student of the graduating class will prepare a statement to be read by the keynote speaker highlighting their journey through the program and meaningful experiences they have had. It is recommended you attend one of the hooding ceremonies before graduating to become familiar with the process and to congratulate your fellow classmates.


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Department of Professional Counseling

Hooding Ceremony Policy

The Department’s Hooding Ceremony is a time to formally acknowledge students graduating with a Master of Science in Education – Professional Counseling degree with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, or Student Affairs and College Counseling.  In addition to graduates, hooding ceremonies are attended by families, faculty, site supervisors, and others.  We encourage students to invite anyone who has been an important part of their journey.  Ceremonies are typically held at the end of each semester on the Friday evening prior to the university’s formal commencement. However, if there are less than five students graduating in a given semester, a ceremony will not be held, and students will be invited to join the following semester’s hooding ceremony.
Students who wish to attend are responsible for the following if they wish to attend and be part of this ceremony.
1. Students must confirm that they will attend and indicate the number of guests that will attend by returning their completed hooding statement via email to the Department of Professional Counseling’s to the Academic Department Associate (ADA).  Students will be hooded by one to two department faculty members of their choice.  Persons with disabilities needing special assistance to attend should contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at 920-424-3100 at least 72 hours before the event.  The University will provide reasonable accommodations to those requesting assistance.
2. Students will need to prepare and attach the “Hooding Statement” form (Word document) to an email and forward to the ADA by the deadline.  Information about this deadline and these responsibilities is sent to graduating students in an email from the ADA.  The “Hooding Statement” form must include the student’s hooding statement (limited to @350 words and double-spaced) to be read by the department’s designated reader while they are being hooded.  Student’s need to indicate their name and its phonetic pronunciation on the statement form.  Also, to assist the reader, students should include the phonetic pronunciation of any uncommon or unique pronunciations of other names or phrases that you include in your hooding statement. 

3. Students need to arrange to arrive in their academic gown with their hood by 5:30 p.m. on the day of the ceremony so they can assemble with other graduates in the appropriate order prior to the start of the ceremony at 6:00 p.m.  A group photo will be taken prior to the start of the ceremony.  Information on graduation attire (gown, cap, tassel, and hood) can be found at the following website:  http://www.uwosh.edu/commencement/spring/students/attire-and-invitations/commencement-attire.  Students are encouraged to also attend the University’s commencement ceremony on Saturday, too.  Information on the University’s commencement can be found at the following website:  http://www.uwosh.edu/commencement/spring.

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