School Counseling Emphasis

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School Counseling Emphasis

School Counseling Emphasis

Our program's philosophy embraces a student-centered, hands-on, experiential approach to educating and training professional school counselors. A discipline-based service-learning model launches our students into leadership roles, partnerships with area schools and professionals, and experiences with students at all levels of development.

Our curriculum is CACREP and DPI accredited, and supports the American School Counseling Association's National Model and the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model. Course assignments promote team-building, collaborative learning, and essential professional school counselor attitudes and competencies.

Our students are passionate about young people and supporting and advocating for their success in school and beyond. They are actively involved in professional organizations such Chi Sigma Iota, Wisconsin Counseling Association, and Wisconsin School Counseling Association, plus numerous other professional development activities.

48 Credits

We invite you to come speak with the faculty and students to learn more our program and becoming a professional school counselor.

Programs of Study
The plans of study below offer a look into the classes offered during each semester and in which students are expected to enroll. The brief program of study displays only the courses required and semesters that they are offered. The detailed program of study was compiled by students within the emphasis and provides tips for students each semester, with additional information provided about the program. Program Plans of Study are subject to change relative to department, accreditation, COEHS, and Office of Graduate Studies decisions and/or curriculum changes. Thus it is strongly recommended that students work closely with their advisers throughout the completion of their program.

Service Learning
Our School Counseling Program rests on a foundation of student-centered learning, service-learning, hands-on assignments and experiences, and online discussions. School counseling students in our program engage in a proactive role in their learning process in order to gain a greater understanding and comprehension of the school counseling profession and their future role as a professional school counselor.

Service-learning is a credit-bearing, educational experience that connects students with an organized service that meets identified community needs. Consistent and ongoing reflection on the service activity in concert with course curriculum deepens school counseling students' understanding of course content, enriches their appreciation of school counseling, and enhances their sense of civic responsibility.

Our program believes that discipline-based service-learning provides school counseling students with relevant “hands on” experiences, increases their awareness, knowledge, skills, and clarifies their values related to the practice of school counseling. The service-learning experiences in our program bring the course content and objectives to “life,” and connect school counseling students and the partnering schools in a manner that responds to an identified need. This foundational process involves an ongoing mutual exchange of knowledge, information, feedback and service between the schools and developing school counselors.

Community Partnership - Lighted School House

Licensing Information
Becoming a Licensed Professional School Counselor

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