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Namaste to our family & friends!

Hello everyone! We are busy preparing for our journey to India and we are all excited to share our experience with you! Be sure to check the Reflections page (found on the left side of this page) for daily updates of our journey. We will also add pictures to the Pictures folder as time and Internet connections permit.


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About the Journey

In January 2018, a group of Professional Counseling students will be making a 3-week journey to northern India with Dr. Charles Lindsey. The purpose of this course is to explore and experience first-hand the mental health, spiritual, and social justice concerns that currently exist within Indian society. These include, but are not limited to: the effects of being the world’s largest democracy with a population of 1.34 billion people; ongoing struggles with neighbors such as Pakistan and China; concerns of modern India operating on an ancient social caste system; the effects of poverty on mental health and wellness; women’s issues, particularly around civil and reproductive rights; and the impact of the current political and cultural climate on the children of India. Students will also have numerable opportunities to engage in a variety of volunteer activities during this 3-week journey as a means of further broadening their experiences and understandings of counseling and mental health practices within Indian culture.


Pre-departure meetings - Jan. 2 - 4, 2018

This will be our preparation time in Oshkosh. Class activities will include an overview of our time and further details on each portion of our journey, information about cultural and societal pieces, preparation for giving back to and involvement with the places we are visiting, and final preparations. 

 At O'Hare ready to go!!!

Here we are at Chicago O'Hare on 5 January 2018 - we are ready to go!!!

General Itinerary


Final Itinerary for India, 2018

(Update Jan. 3, 2018)


PRF CNSL 724 – Counseling, Culture, and Spirituality in India


Classroom dates at UWO – Sage 3215: Mon., Tues., & Wed., Jan. 2 – 4, 2018      

    10:00am – 2:00pm each day


Time in India: depart Chicago Jan. 5 – return to USA on Jan. 25, 2016


Post India Meetings:  Friday 16 Feb., 2018 - 12:00 – 3:00pm, location TBD

Friday 23 Mar., 2018 – 12:00 – 3:00pm, location TBD


Mon., Tues., & Wed., Jan. 2, 3, 4We’ll be meeting on the UWO campus in Sage Hall 3215.  We’ll explore special topics and prepare further for our time in India.  We meet from 10:00am – 2:00pm each day. 


Fri., Jan. 5 & Sat. Jan. 6 - Transportation = Kobussen bus able to transport 12 people (leave UWO lot number 37 at the corner of Wisconsin and Pearl by 5:20am). Fly from Chicago to Abu Dhabi (Etihad Airways flight 150 – dep. Chicago at 12:10pm, arr. Abu Dhabi on 1/6/18 at 11:40am.  Fly from Abu Dhabi to Delhi (Etihad Airways flight 224 – dep. Abu Dhabi on 1/6/18 at 2:40pm, arrive in Delhi on 1/6/18 at 7:30pm local time).  During our time in Delhi, we will be staying at the Rockland Hotel:


Sun. Jan. 7 – We will visit the Gandhi Smitri (Gandhi Memorial) and have an opportunity to learn about the impact and influence of Gandhi on the shaping of modern India.  Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Tulsi will provide an orientation this day, and Dr. Tulsi will discuss Ahimsa, the Ghandian principle of non-violence. We will have lunch at an authentic Rajistani Restaurant, and then visit the famous Red Fort in Delhi before heading back to our hotel for dinner.      


Mon. Jan. 8We will also find time to shop for “kurtas” (traditional Indian garments) that we will wear on several occasions during our time in India, specifically when presenting. Our group will also visit the historic Kutub Minar monument in the afternoon, which is the largest Sihk Temple in Delhi. 


Tues. Jan. 9 - We will begin our transition by bus to Agra, approximately a 4-5 hour journey. We will arrive in Agra in the evening and spend the next four nights in Agra at the Hotel Taj Villa:


Wed., Jan. 10 – We begin early (6:00 am) by connecting with the Dayalbagh and DEI (Dayalbagh Educational Institute) communities. We will learn about the spiritual aspects of this community, and also will learn about the University that is connected to the heart of this community. We will start the day by doing some work in the fields, and then will have the privilege of meeting the spiritual master of the Dayalbagh community. We will have the opportunity to rest, change clothes, and eat lunch at the nearby Kaveri Lodge. In the afternoon, our group will visit the general hospital that is connected to Dayalbagh, and will also connect and interact with nursing and paramedical faculty and students. Dr. Tulsi and Charles will present briefly on the following requested topic: Evaluation of Mental Health Status and Recent Updates in Mental Health. UWO students will then have an opportunity to connect and interact with DEI students. In the later afternoon, our group will have the privilege of being able to participate in a daily spiritual ceremony (Satsang) in the Ashram of the Dayalbagh community. Afterward, we will get dinner and return to our hotel. 


Thurs., Jan. 11 – Our group will visit the Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra. If time permits, we may also visit a Sulfi Temple in Agra in the evening. We will have dinner, and return to our hotel.


Fri. Jan. 12 – We will visit the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, about 2.5 hours away from Agra. This is a National Park in India, considered to hold one of the most diverse collections of migratory birds in the world. This is a new component for our India group, and one designed to provide a glimpse of India outside of the congested areas, much of where this program occurs. We will depart Agra in the morning and return to our hotel in the later evening. This is our final night in Agra. 


Sat., Jan 13 - We will depart Agra in the morning and head back to Delhi where will again stay at the Rockland Hotel. In the evening, we will visit a wonderful outdoor market known as Dilli Haat. 


Sun., Jan. 14 – We will fly Delhi to Varanasi-Air India 406. This departs Delhi at 10:15 am, and arrives in Varanasi at 11:35 am. From the airport in Varanasi, we will move to the DISCC (Deva International Society for Child Care) headquarters, an organization founded by Dr. Tulsi. We will be welcomed to Varanasi and have an opportunity to meet Dr. Tulsi's staff. Afterward, we will make our way to Hotel Haifa, where we will stay the next 9 days (January 14-22).


Mon., Jan. 15 – Varanasi will still be rather busy, as Makar Sankranti (festival that celebrates the sun's movement from Sagittarius into Capricorn, and that will also symbolizes longer and warmer days to come), will be winding down. This will be a day to relax and take in this ancient city. We will offer morning yoga to students that are interested, and we will also spend time walking along the Ghats (along the Ganges) and learning about Varanasi's ancient city. 


Tues., Wed., Thrs., Jan. 16, 17, 18 – We will start a 3-day connection with the Annapurna (girls' empowerment program) located in the village outside of Varanasi. On Tuesday, January 16, we will stop at Shulta Keshwar, an ancient temple on the Ganges dedicated to Shiva. Over these three days, we will assist in helping with various projects underway at the center. There will also be time to teach and learn games, crafts, and dancing. We will return each evening to the Hotel Haifa. 


Fri. Jan 19 – We will visit the temple at BHU (Benares Hindu University), one of the largest universities in all of Asia, and will have an exchange with faculty and students in the Department of Education. During this exchange, UWO students and BHU students will present posters on a variety of topics related to disability and mental health, both in India and the United States. 


Sat., Jan. 20 – We will spend the morning volunteering at the Mother Theresa Home in Varanasi (a center dedicated to serving the homeless and those with severe emotional and physical needs). In the afternoon, we will move to Sarnath (about 8 km from Varanasi), and visit several Buddhist temples. We will also learn about how the Buddha gave his first teaching at Sarnath, which outlined the Four Noble Truths. 


Sun., Jan. 21 – The bulk of this day will be a free day for students; a time for rest, reflection and moving at a slower pace. In the evening we will attend a musical concert in the beautiful Panchakot House that overlooks the Ganges. This will be immediately followed by a boat ride on the Ganges river. 


Mon., Jan. 22 – We will spend the day at the DEVA center, the DISCC program that serves children with cognitive and developmental disabilities. We will work in conjunction with the DEVA teachers to create and deliver programming for the children on this day. On this final evening in Varanasi, we will be honored to have dinner at Dr. Tulsi's home. 


Tues., Jan 23 – We will fly from Varanasi to Delhi, Indigo Air flight 3147. Depart Varanasi at 10:50 am and arrive in Delhi at 12:12 pm. We will look to take in a Bollywood film on our final night in India. We will again be staying at the Rockland hotel. 


Wed., Jan 24 - This is our final day in India. We will check out of the hotel mid-morning, and then head to Dilli Haat, where students will have a final opportunity to look for items before we leave India and start our journey back to the USA. We will then continue moving toward the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Our flight leaves Delhi at 9:05pm (Etihad Airways flt. 223), and arrives in Abu Dhabi on 1/24/16 at 11:40 pm.  We then fly from Abu Dhabi to Chicago (Etihad Airways flt. 151), with a departure of 3:20 am, and an arrival in Chicago at 8:25 am CST.  A bus will be waiting at O’Hare to take us back to Oshkosh.  We will hopefully arrive in Oshkosh around noon on Thursday, January 25th.  


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started

and know the place for the first time"

T.S. Eliot











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