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We currently have a library of over 631 books and 110 films that are available for checkout. Books and films may be checked out for two weeks with the option to renew. When checking items out, you assume all financial responsibility.

We are always looking for suggestions of books and films to add to our library. Give us your suggestion(s) by emailing the center at

If you have books or films that you wish to donate, you may drop them off at the center with your contact information, or email us to make arrangements.

Not in our collection? Don't forget to check the Polk Library catalog.

Stop by the LGBTQ Resource Center today!

Click Here to view our collection.

  • If it seems that not all of the collection has appeared please click on the button on the top left side of the page that says "Your  library" and then click "All collections".


Confidential Request of LGBTQ Resources

This option is reserved for individuals (students/faculty/staff) who are beginning their "coming out" process and are not comfortable in visiting the LGBTQ Resource Center and for Counselors with clients in need of LGBTQ Resources.

We will make every effort to accommodate your needs and provide a safe and confidential environment as you use our resources. Your name, identity and all other identifying information will remain confidential.

Use the above listings to select your resource and simply fill out the Confidential Request form.




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Location & Hours

We are located in the Lower
level of the Campus Center for
Equity & Diversity, Room 008.
Access our office through the  
Irving Avenue entrance.

Monday — Friday 
9 a.m — 5 p.m. 
Saturday and Sunday: Closed 


Director: Dr. Liz Cannon
Phone: (920) 424-3465
(All information is kept confidential)